professional trainer vs institute trainer

I want to do digital marketing training/course. Need help.
Suggest institute for SEO course
Which is a good training institute for digital marketing training in Pune?
I’m done with my digital marketing course, need a job.
Digital marketing training institute charged massive fees but got zero or only theoretical knowledge. I regret.

and so on….

Facebook and Quora are full of such questions. It shows the growing awareness and boom in the online marketing field.

digital marketing training questions on quora-google

digital marketing training questions on facebook

Digital Marketing Training and Courses Related Questions on Quora, Google, and Facebook

Yes, there are a lot of BIG coaching centers with colossal setup, AC classrooms, projectors, force of so-called ‘Digital Marketing Trainers‘, gives 100% job assistance, blah blah blah……

But the important question is, ‘DO YOU REALLY NEED ALL OF THIS SH*T?

Do you really need to pay something 40k-70k as fees to get NO job?
Do you really need some ‘trainer’ who is not updated himself?
Do you really need an online course when there are YouTube channels of good marketers like Neil Patel?
Do you really need books, materials, notes on SEO/SMO/SEM where there are critical blogs like Moz, Search Engine Lands, and even Google Webmaster Guide?

I have a full list of 100s of such questions. But I don’t want to spoil ‘Someone’s’ mood or business.

I’m not saying that every institute, academy or training center that teach online marketing is wrong or not worth.

There are very few less expensive, right, indeed marketing trainers/people who can teach you all that is really needed for your job or needed in digital marketing firms, agencies, and web companies.

Here are few essential areas/things which will make you think that ‘why you should go to a working professional (who is already working/blogging/has own/represents company or firm) and learn Digital Marketing from them?’

Real Professional vs Institute Trainer

1. Actual Knowledge

The crucial and strongest point that a working digital marketing professional or manager will have is the ‘Actual Knowledge.’

He/she can teach you all the online marketing concepts like on-page, off-page, social media, technical things, etc. which he does in his regular job.

He can share/discuss (not really disclose) the case studies of his clients. He can show you practically how he implemented the SEO/PPC/SMO/content strategies in his client’s website.

He can teach you the truth and online marketing techniques that really work.

2. Learn Really Online Marketing Strategies

As he works on his clients, he has some strategies to improve the online visibility of the websites.

He can show you how to create the plans for content marketing, social media campaigns, how to choose and not choose keywords, how to keep an eye on your organic results.

3. Client Handling

Client handling is one of the plus points. When you are into digital marketing job, client handling is critical. Else, you won’t get your salary :P….just kidding.

But yes, you need to know how to work with the client or his marketing team in collaboration.

How to get information, approvals, etc. from the client so that your Digital Marketing Results are in positive.

4. Team Co-Ordination

The real professional knows how the team works in a company.

They know who does what work? Being a Digital Marketing Executive, Analysts, Trainee,…whatever the designation is, you need to know who works on what? How does the process work? Whom to contact? etc.

Website not working – Development team
Need content for the site – contact content writer
Social Media postings – contact the SMO person
Need client approval – Sales representative/Boss

Need leave or resigning – Your Manager….. 😛 I know bad one…

Bottom line is the working manager/senior people know the work and process flow very well.

So, before you get hired, you will be able to learn at least some basics.

5. Experience (Teaching vs. Working Experience)

I know…I know…you will say, even the digital marketing trainers in the institutes have a good 15-20 years of experience.

They trained 5000+ students; they placed 3000+ students, every student is Google certified


Is that a teaching experience or working experience relevant?
How many websites has that trainer ranked in Google?
Can you ask them about the latest bugs/troubleshooting?

Let me tell you one story…. (short one)…

Last year I had hired one Digital Marketing Intern in my team. He was average and did not able to pass my interview questions. So, he had to leave.

A few months later I came to know he has started his coaching center in Pune and now training people on ‘Digital Marketing’…I was like….what the f***

story end…. 🙂

So, be careful when someone says he has 15-20 years of experience in the Digital Marketing Industry to teach you.

6. Updated with Latest Updates

The real digital marketing person will always be updated with his ammunition…that’s algorithm and industry updates.

He must know what is working, coming up, and outdated in the field.

Reason? Because he needs to show results to the client and company.

The client needs ROI (Return on Investments) from the digital marketing team. So, we don’t have a choice here.

On the other hand, the institute trainer, I have seen a lot of people who have knowledge about SEO, SMO, PPC, Content Marketing, etc but most of them are outdated.

Still, they teach, what does not work in the industry.

7. Connections/Referrals

Agreed!….. the institute has company contacts – with HR team or even with Bosses, openings, hiring contracts, placement sales….oops I mean..placement cells. 🙂

But do you know about the company? will that pay you on time? will you get good work and knowledge……very rare…and would bosses tell you the truth? You know man…

The working professional knows the companies….how? how? – their contact person is not the HR or Boss….it’s the real employee who is working over there day in day out…

They will tell you everything about the job….(not the client/job confidential details) but overall about the company.

The employee only can give the real feedback about the company. If they are happy – means, you will be happy as well…

8. Negotiate on Fees

Yes, off-course the institutes also gives you offers like EMI, Online, Group Discounts, Referrals, negotiate as well…but up to an absolute limit.

On the other hand, working professional, most of the time they are interested in some extra money apart from their salary. Just a few bucks more so that they can manage their monthly expense, pay additional EMI, get some gadget, etc

If you contact such a working professional, they can give you valuable knowledge in a very low fees.

You can ask them to train you and help in getting into the job. Once you started earning…you will pay the rest fees…..Deal?

Bonus Tip: Get Trained without any Cost .. Yes, FREE

Yes, there are a few people who believe in giving back to the society. I would love to help someone (capable-with concrete reason) to learn. A student who is financially weak, belongs to low-income families, or a working professional in other field struggling with a current job with less pay…


You really don’t need to go any expensive college, school, institute, or academy to learn digital or online marketing. You can get yourself trained with the help of an influential mentor…..

Over to You

If you are working professional…are you ready to help students with my ideas?


If you are student…..are you ready to take help from industry working digital marketers?

Let me know in comments below!………… Peace.

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