business analysis and understanding

Types of websites

Before starting the digital marketing process, understanding the website is necessary. Further steps, strategies, plan of action would depend on this step. The website mainly can be categorized as:

1. Dynamic Website

The website which updates the information, content (images, text, videos), etc on a regular basis is called as ‘Dynamic’ website.


  • E-Commerce
  • Social Website
  • Content-Based Website
    • News
    • Articles

2. Static Website

The website on which the information is constant in nature. These kinds of websites do not update the website information frequently.


  • Local Dentists Website
  • Brand/Company Website

Business and Industry Research

Understanding business from a digital marketing perspective is an important step for any online business. Doing business analysis will help understand the business aspects from all angles. There are multiple ways of doing business and industry research. Many business analysis tools can be used to do this process. E.g. SWOT analysis.

Why Business Analysis & Understanding Important in Online Marketing?

Understanding Marketing Goals and Budgets

Understanding the marketing goals and budget helps to decide the digital marketing and promotional activities. This process will help businesses to plan their marketing efforts using proper marketing channel.

Customers Understanding

Understanding customer needs, expectations, wants, etc are crucial for any online and offline business. Hence, understanding online customers behavior, nature, spend habits, etc can help in planning the marketing efforts.

Competition Analysis

Knowing competition in any online business is a must. Depending on the nature of the business, one should know their online organic and paid competitors. The competitor could be direct (like Flipkart and Amazon) or indirect (like Local dentists and Practo listing website)

Understanding competition in the online market will give an added advantage and will help plan the online marketing efforts.

Planning and Strategy of Action (Plan-of-Action)

“Fail to Plan. Plan to Fail.”

Depending on the findings in business analysis, research, and customer understanding, the planning of digital marketing efforts is very important. The plan of action for any online marketing activity should justify the findings and provide maximum benefits to the business.

E.g. where to sell, what to sell, whom to sell, what offers and discounts, use of competitive advantage, etc can be a part of the digital marketing plan of action.


Only planning won’t do. The plan must be executed efficiently. Proper and correct implementation of the Plan of Action (PoA) is what will help in driving good and desired results.


Tracking the results, doing an analysis of post-implementation is important to understand the output of the implemented Plan of action. In digital marketing space, each activity will have the respective tool which helps in an analysis, tracking and monitoring the results.

E.g. Website traffic can be monitored using Google Analytics tools

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